Difficult, But Not Impossible To Get A Good Toll Free

It is , no doubt, getting more difficult to obtain a good, quality toll free phone number. But they can still be located–you just have to research good service providers and put in some time coming up with creative numerical sequences. Soon, though, an influx of new toll free numbers (presumably with the area code 855) will likely be released and tens of thousands of new phone number combinations will immediately be up for grabs. These toll free treasures will be scooped up fast so contact a service provider today and learn how you can be prepared when the time comes.

Your Number Vs. A Toll Free Number

The popularity of 1-800 numbers is surpassing that of local phone numbers at rates exceeding industry expectations.

Toll free service has increased at such a fast pace that the supply of available 1-800 numbers is at an all-time low. According to the Federal Communications Commission 1-800, 888, 877 and 866 numbers are increasingly popular for businesses and for personal use. With no plans for the addition of new numbers, the existing supply is quickly depleting.

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Toll Free Service Can Be Transferred With Little Down Time

There is a misconception that changing toll free carriers will cause an interruption in phone service. Carriers need to make sure subscribers understand that in most instances service can be transferred without any down time. If working with quality companies, the subscriber should fine the transfer to be seamless. The bulk of the work is completed before the new phone company forwards a transfer request and this process should take just a few days. To educate the consumer, toll free providers should discuss the transfer process with potential subscribers who may be suffering with poor quality toll free service because they fear costly interruptions if they transfer.