Virtual Office Can Mean Big Savings

Virtual office systems coupled with toll free phone numbers are quickly becoming the preferred way to do business throughout the U.S. And anyone can easily, and affordably, mimic a corporate phone set-up in any home or small office space–or even from various remote locations–without pricey installations and new equipment. Customers who call will have the sense of a well-equipped and well-staffed headquarters. Business owners can save money by keeping overhead costs to a minimum by reducing office rental space and utility costs by implementing a creative virtual system .

India’s MTNL to Offer 3G Services

New Delhi, India – MTNL Launches 3G Services in New Delhi, MTNL 3G Launch, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited third Generation

The state owned telecom operator, MTNL is going to offer 3G phone services. MTNL will offer the 3G high-speed data mobile phone free services initially to its high-spending mobile customers for a period of two months on a trial basis.

The 3G service of MTNL is expected to be launched by Dr Manmohan Singh, during the Indian Telecom Summit in New Delhi.

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited/MTNL will launch the 3G service in Delhi followed by Mumbai in two months. The network for roll out of 3G services in Delhi is not fully complete yet that is the reason why the 3rd generation service will be restricted initially to the New Delhi Municipal Corporation/NDMC area and National Capital Region of Gurgaon.

Despite Frustrations Toll-free Phone Service Applications Expected To Rise

Heeding recent warnings about the rapid decline of 800 numbers, subscribers are applying for toll free service at record rates. A steady stream of requests are pouring in for toll free 800, 888, 877, and 866 numbers and applications are expected to continue to rise this year.

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