Nerves Rattled About Depleted Toll Free Stockpiles

Many in this industry are still very nervous about the depleted stock of good available toll free phone numbers–even with the possibility of the new release of the 855 toll free area codes expected next year. The nervousness is common and a reasonable reaction considering there has been no formal announcement about the launch of the new numbers. A fresh supply of toll free numbers are desperately needed within this industry and many of us are waiting anxiously for confirmation that we will have an ample new supply by 2011.

Realtors Increasingly Turn To Toll Free Numbers

Home prices and sales dropped again in the last quarter of 2009. Realtors throughout the country are tackling the ongoing housing crisis by offering toll free phone numbers. This marketing trend is aimed at helping struggling homeowners contact real estate agents without the burden of costly phone calls. By offering a 1-800 number, realtors can help cash-strapped sellers negotiate a quick sale before they fall into a foreclosure situation. Homeowners in trouble can reach out for free and discuss all their sales options with an experienced realtor.

FCC Enforces Authority, Violators Face Stiff Fines

The demand for 800 numbers is at an all-time high. Finite supplies of available 800, 888, 877 and 866 numbers are plummeting. Making the situation worse, hopes that the new 855 numbers would soon be released have been dashed as insiders report the launch of the numbers may be held off until 2011. Meanwhile more than two-thirds of available numbers have been taken and millions of news numbers are registered each year.

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