Recognizing The Advantages of Toll Free

Business owners who do not have a toll free phone number are at a disadvantage these days. Subscribers for toll free service continue to rise every single day, even with the supplies so limited. The many advantages of having a toll free phone number are becoming more and more well known. And all four toll free area codes are now widely recognized as a free phone call. By using toll free services, any company can expand, grow and beat the downturn caused by the 2009 recession.

Price of 800 Numbers Expected to Increase

Due to the ongoing scarcity of 800 area code phone numbers, recent reports are indicating that phone companies are beginning to raise the cost to obtain 800 numbers.

Many providers are expected to follow suit.

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Federal Gov’t Provides Info Hotlines

Looking for a federal government toll free number? Go to or call 1-800-FED-INFO. The U.S. Government utilizes hundreds of toll free numbers to provide information and services in every topic from consumer protection to health care to financial matters.