New Numbers A Boon For Personal Numbers Too

The pending turn-around we expect in the toll free phone industry in the next 18 months will not only help businesses–it will also help those looking for new toll free numbers for personal use. The “turn-around” we refer to is the anticipated release of new supplies of toll free numbers. Families and parents seeking their own toll free number will have an ample new supply to obtain creative vanity numbers that incorporate their last names, their street names, pet names or any other memorable phrases so their family and friends always recall their phone number!

1-800 Rationing Rumors Persist

Word of potential rationing of toll free numbers has been floating through the gossip mill lately. Rationing of toll free numbers is not a new concept. After 800 numbers ran dry in 1995 the federal government rationed numbers until the 888 numbers were launched a year later. Toll free service is essential for every business trying to get a competitive edge in tis economy. Insiders are concerned that if the existing available 800 numbers are rationed, some businesses could lose a viable marketing strategy.

How-to Become an Approved Toll Free Resporg

The application process consists of three main steps:

1. Fill out and submit the 10 page Service Establishment Form.
2. Send your deposit to the SMS800 Help Desk. (about $4000)
3. Study for and pass the certification test

You can begin the application process by clicking here