Start Planning Now For An 855 Number

There has still been no official word on exactly when the new 855 area codes will be released by the FCC. We hear it could be within the next 18 months. To be certain you are prepared to get the numbers you want before someone else scoops them up, contact a service provider today and learn how to be ready to get your favored numbers. Start planning a list of catchy, memorable, vanity numbers or great numerical sequences that matches your business and image so you can get your very own 855 number the day they become available.

Local Police Institute Crime Line

Crime victims now have more access to information about the custody status of their offenders thanks to a new toll free service provided by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana. Citizens can call the LAVNS’ toll-free hot line at 866-LAVNS-4-U to find out if their offender is in jail. They also can register to be notified when that offender is released or if that offender escapes. The victim will receive notification calls regarding the status every half-hour for 48 hours.

NHSO Establishes Toll Free Hotline to Curb Underage Drinking

Omaha (KPTM) – Underage drinking is a problem that’s been going on for quite sometime.

Now, Nebraska has a tip line designed to turn in youngsters who may be part of that problem.

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