Toll Free Buzz Continues

No official word yet but the buzz continues that the telecommunications industry will see a big change within the next 18 months as the FCC appears to be preparing for the possible release of the coveted 855 area code numbers. These toll free phone numbers will generate a boon in the industry as subscribers rush to obtain a new phone number for their company or personal use. The limited supplies of quality toll free numbers in recent years has led to frustration. But these new numbers will ease this burden on the business world.

Applications for Toll-Free Service On the Rise

For several months now, industry insiders have been advising anyone looking for a toll free number to secure one immediately. The warnings are apparently sinking in– applications for 800 numbers are at an all-time high as subscribers try to obtain a number while there are still some remaining.

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Toll Free Numbers Help Preserve Profits

Economic stress starting in late 2008 and the continuing through 2009 has led to the closings of thousands of retail stores. Nonetheless, many of these companies have stayed profitable through phone and web sales. The majority of sales from catalog and websites are still made through toll free phone calls. And these days, large chain stores like WalMart and Target offer shoppers the convenience of buying over the phone (800-966-6546 WalMart; 800-440-0680, Target). Toll free has helped many retail companies, large and small, stay afloat during this recession.