Toll Frees Get Sticky

Following the emergence of a black market for valuable toll free numbers, including catchy vanity numbers, sources say federal authorities are cracking down on the illegal sales of 800 numbers.
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Toll Frees Being Released Tonight

Users who are waiting to reserve a number that will soon be returned to spare now know what time a given number will automatically spare. With the implementation of SMS/800 Release 16.0, numbers scheduled for automatic spare are released at 11 pm Central. View this inside information here.


Premature Toll Free Aging?

When an 800 number is disconnected, it goes into what is referred to as the aging process. At some point it becomes available on the 800 Service Management System (SMS/800) database. Then the race is on to obtain it. Many people wish to get toll free numbers that aren’t properly aged. If you are one of those people, read more here.

Choose A Toll Free Provider Wisely

According to regulations enacted in 1997 by the Federal Communications Commission, toll free phone numbers cannot be sold. These rules were approved after complaints poured in about price-gouging for catchy vanity numbers and popular numeric sequences. The FCC reports that anyone caught attempting to sell or broker an 800 number faces significant fines. You can obtain a toll free number from an actual provider but you still want to be careful – many websites nowadays are fly-by-night. You want to make sure the company you choose has been around for while and doesn’t sound like they’re doing business from their kitchen table – A woman recorded her call to a supposed toll free company and the guy on the other end sounded like he was in the bathroom eating a sandwich. Get more info here.

Illegal Toll Free Sales?

The FCC does not play a role in the assignment of numbers to subscribers. However they do set and regulate the guidelines under which 800 numbers can be used and obtained. According to the FCC, hoarding and warehousing numbers is prohibited and punishable with severe fines. Be careful, do your research, and you will be fine. Get the full story here to better learn how to protect yourself.

The Disappearing Act

Why are toll free numbers disappearing? This isn’t going over well with business owners especially since the delay of the newest 855 toll free area code’s coming out.

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It’s Up to You

The force behind the demand for toll-free numbers is not only the traditional business use: a growing market is comprised of residential customers. If rationing is implemented, obtaining a new toll free number will be more difficult than ever before. Read more here.

Seller’s Rights

As a business consult, we are constantly asked questions on what is best for a particular company. How to increase sales, how to market, and how to beat the competition. It came as no surprise when our expertise was asked about selling an owned toll free number. Everyone in the office almost yelled, “No! Don’t try it.” Why, you ask?
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Politics and Toll Frees

Political figures have gotten involved in our nations toll free problems recently, holding press conferences, working with telecom providers, etc. We would guess that working with big business is a politically smart move because so much of politics relies on donations by who else but businesses! Read more here.

Greater Demand Causes Supply Toll Free Supply To Be Cut Short

Thirteen years after the federal government rationed the dwindling supply of toll free numbers, reports are circulating that rationing will once again be implemented. Severe shortages of 800 numbers are forcing these extreme measures as a means of protecting the limited remaining supply.

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