Tweet Your Toll Free

Social networking and toll free phone service are working in tandem more and more. Recently, many businesses are tweeting instant messages and announcements to customers and potential customers advising of changes, sales and promotions. Apps have toll free numbers regularly and of course businesses and non-profits on Facebook advertise their toll free phone number. The combination of networking and telecommunications is a good match.


855 in Wide Use

With the recent success of the new 855 toll free phone numbers, we expect that these series of numbers will be used for far more than just business. As with the other toll free area code numbers, 855 will likely be used for personal numbers, clergy, non-profits, government officials, and more. And on the heels of the 855 numbers, the 844 numbers will be released to the same success and usage.

RESPORG ADVISORY: Warehousing 855 Numbers

reports are comming in that has a warehoused suppply of 855 numbers.

Sec. 52.105 Warehousing.

(a) As used in this section, warehousing is the practice whereby Responsible Organizations, either directly or indirectly through an affiliate, reserve toll free numbers from the Service Management System database without having an actual toll free subscriber subscribing for phone services for whom those numbers are being reserved.

(b) Responsible Organizations shall not warehouse toll free numbers. There shall be a rebuttable presumption that a Responsible Organization is warehousing toll free numbers if:

(1) The Responsible Organization does not have an identified toll free subscriber agreeing to be billed for monthly service associated with each toll free number reserved from the Service Management System database; or

(2) The Responsible Organization does not provide switched telephone services before switching a toll free number from reserved or assigned to working status; or

(3) The Responsible Organization is acting as an intermediary either for or as a broker providing a gateway into the Service Management System to circumvent the articles of this Section; or

(4) The Responsible Organization does not have an identified toll free subscriber agreeing to be billed for service associated with a toll free number before switching that toll free number from reserved or assigned to working status.

(c) Responsible Organizations shall not maintain a toll free number in
reserved status if there is not a prospective toll free subscriber
requesting that toll free number.

(d) A Responsible Organization’s act of reserving a number from the Service
Management System database shall serve as that Responsible Organization’s
certification that there is an identified toll free subscriber agreeing to
be billed for monthly service associated with the toll free number.

(e) Tariff Provision . The following provision shall be included in the
Service Management System tariff and in the local exchange carriers’ toll
free database access tariffs:

Verizon Wireless to Offer Iphone 4 to existing customers on 02-03-2011

Verizon Wireless announced today that it will offer the iPhone 4 to existing customers two weeks early.

Unprecedented Growth in Telecommunications

The growth in telecommunications in the past decade is unprecedented in so many capacities. One can only imagine what new innovations will occur in the upcoming decade. And during all this change and growth, toll free phone service has remained a staple of all types of businesses. We see toll free numbers growing and expanding in use every day.  Toll free service will continue to remain a constant in all the growth swirling around the telecommunications industry.

Rapid Growth of Toll Free in Small Business World

It’s interesting the rapid growth of toll free phone service in the small business community over the past decade. The use in the corporate world of toll free has remained active and steady, but the use of toll free for small home-based companies and local businesses has been on a steady, fasttrack consistently for years and does not appear to be slowing down. The popularity of the new 855 toll free numbers in the small and medium-ized business world is even more proof that toll free is still growing in use outside of just the corporate world.

Four Month Update–855 Big Success

We are about four months into the status of the new 855 toll free phone numbers and all indications that they are extremely popular. Recognition of these numbers as toll free tales time, but consumers are already learning that the 855 numbers work the same as the previous toll free series–800, 888, 877, 866. With the success of the 855 numbers, it is a given that the 844 numbers will be released before we know it. And they will be needed. Supplies of 855 are already dropping.

Upcoming Valentine’s Day Big Holiday For Toll Free

Valentine’s Day–just a few weeks from now–is one of the busiest phone-order holidays of the year. Flowers, stuffed bears, and other gifts of endearment are  and delivered using toll free service. Almost all of these gifts will be ordered through a 1-800 phone number. And this year will mark the first time that many of these toll free orders are laced through a new 855 numbers.

Football Playoff Fever and Toll Free

Football fever sweeping the nation this playoff season has toll free numbers ringing of their hooks. Online tickets services, airlines, hotels all report busy January days as football fans travel with their teams to playoff destinations. Online tickets sites for championship games and, soon, Super Bowl, tickets are busy with toll free connections.

855 Numbers Secured by Subscribers at Record Rates

The 855 toll free telephone numbers are making quite an impact on small communities across the nation as locally-based businesses, recognizing the value of the 855 numbers, are subscribing for toll free service at unprecedented levels. Just as with the 800, 888, 877 and 866 numbers, the new 855 numbers are becoming a hot commodity in the business world at record rates.