FCC Cracking Down on Illegal Sales of Toll Free Numbers

Insiders say to avoid being caught in an undercover investigation and facing hefty fines from the Federal Communications Commission, anyone interested in obtaining an 800 number should deal with reputable service providers such as Qwest, or AT&T.

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1(800) Phone Number Rationing Proposals

The force behind the demand for toll-free numbers is not only the traditional business use: a growing market is comprised of residential customers. If rationing is implemented, obtaining a new toll free number will be more difficult than ever before.

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It’s Becoming Increasingly Difficult to Activate New 800 Numbers

Once used primarily by big businesses, 800, 888, 877, and 866 toll free numbers are now popular with small businesses, charities, churches, and for personal use. Toll free service has become a staple of all successful businesses. Demand has grown quickly but the supply of numbers has remained stagnant.

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List of SMSGOV Approved Toll Free Service Providers

In addition to the complete list of toll free telephone companies SMSGOV.com maintains; SMS-GOV.US also maintains a list of approved Toll Free Service Providers.  We have compiled the full list below:

APPROVED RESPORGS: In alphabetical order