Legal Distribution of Toll Free Numbers

With readership of this blog growing every day, we want to take this opportunity to remind you all of the proper and legal distribution of toll free numbers. A toll free number must be obtained on a first-come-first-served basis from an approved provider. According to regulations enacted by the Federal Communications Commission, toll free phone numbers cannot be sold or brokered. These rules were approved after the FCC fielded complaints about price gouging for catchy vanity numbers and popular numeric sequences.

FCC, Still No Plans to Release 855 Numbers Any Time Soon

Widespread concerns about the dwindling supply of toll free numbers may not be addressed anytime soon. According to sources at the 800 Service Management System (SMS/800) the reserved 855 pre-fix, intended to restore stocks of toll free numbers, may not be released by the Federal Communications Commission for several years. In fact, industry insiders say the release of 855 may be put off until 2011.

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Toll Free Number Features Call Capture

The Call-Capture feature, available from some toll free carriers, is an indispensable marketing tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Using Real-Time Automatic Number Identification (ANI) every single call to a 1-800 number can be identified. ANI provides a business owner with the caller’s ten-digit phone number, even if the call came from a blocked number. With this tracking feature these blocked calls can be unblocked and made available to the subscriber. With every call to a toll free number accounted for, the subscriber can develop very specific marketing plans.