NEW 844 toll-free Area Code

Tollfreenumber.ORG just published the news that the newest toll free area code 844 has a set release date of February 2014 according to internal documents received from the federal communications commission.

Logan Marshall, founder of TollfreeNumber.ORG said “we are making waves through local communities nationwide as the announcement of the release of the 844 area code is made by TollfreeNumber.ORG for the first time.”

TollfreeNumber.ORG used it’s websites and to announce that a new area code is hitting the USA market. Logan Marshall wrote on the website “On November 14, 2012, SMS/800, Inc., the company that oversees the 800 Service Management System for the North American Numbering Plan, recommended that the Federal Communications Commission (Commission) open the 844 toll free code on February 15, 2014″

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During First Year, 855 Huge Success

With the first anniversary of the new 855 area code toll free telephone numbers just weeks away, we can all agree the release of 855 was a resounding success. 855 numbers are more popular every day–at large corporations, small businesses and for personal use. Nobody could have predicted quite how popular 855 would be–and how well recognized they are by the consumer as a toll free phone call. If the demand keeps up, the 844 area code toll free phone numbers should be released soon.

855 Going Fast….

As we have stated, we expect that the supply of 855 toll free phone numbers will soon be depleted. These numbers have proven very popular.We do not expect an imminent release of the new 844 toll free numbers, but we do expect a release within the next 12-18 months. We will keep you posted.

Before Long, We Will Need The 844 Numbers

The addition of the reserved 855 to the toll free industry, and the pending release of the 844 area codes, ease the burden and open communications between businesses and customers. New area codes released in the 1990s temporarily fortified the existing toll free stock, allowing millions of businesses to secure profitable 1-800 numbers. The stock depleted considerably during the subsequent decade and are now bolstered by the new 855 numbers. But those are going fast. Before long, we will need the new 844 area code numbers.

Despite Clamor, 855 Numbers Yet to Be Released

Widespread concerns about the dwindling supply of toll free numbers may not be addressed anytime soon. According to sources at the 800 Service Management System (SMS/800) the reserved 855 pre-fix, intended to restore stocks of toll free numbers, may not be released by the Federal Communications Commission for several years. In fact, industry insiders say the release of 855 may be put off until 2011.

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FCC Has Not Announced Exact Release Date of 855 Area Code

Although we hear that the release of the new 855 toll free area codes could be as soon as next month, some insiders say it will be early 2011. Whatever the exact date, the time has come to add more stock to the toll free phone number supply. This one new area code–855– will add millions of new toll free options for businesses nationwide. Companies will have the option to choose from new combinations to match their domain names and their image. We will keep you posted on news about the release of 855 numbers.

Consumer Demand Puts Pressure on FCC to Release Toll Free Numbers

It remains a mystery when the reserved toll free area codes will be released to address the shortage of toll free numbers. The addition of the reserved 855 and 844 area codes would bolster the depleted stock of and ease the burden within the industry. New area codes released in the 1990s temporarily fortified the existing toll free stock, allowing millions of businesses to secure profitable 1-800 numbers. It’s time to do that again.