NEW 844 toll-free Area Code

Tollfreenumber.ORG just published the news that the newest toll free area code 844 has a set release date of February 2014 according to internal documents received from the federal communications commission.

Logan Marshall, founder of TollfreeNumber.ORG said “we are making waves through local communities nationwide as the announcement of the release of the 844 area code is made by TollfreeNumber.ORG for the first time.”

TollfreeNumber.ORG used it’s websites and to announce that a new area code is hitting the USA market. Logan Marshall wrote on the website “On November 14, 2012, SMS/800, Inc., the company that oversees the 800 Service Management System for the North American Numbering Plan, recommended that the Federal Communications Commission (Commission) open the 844 toll free code on February 15, 2014″

Good work


855 Continues Strong

As we see more and more 855 toll free area code numbers advertised nationally and on the local level, we recognized the unprecedented demand for these new toll free phone numbers. Changes in communications over the past two decades dictates that toll free service is a necessity in every type of business and that new stocks of toll free area codes should be rotated in whenever the need is present. Before long, the 844 phone numbers will be in play too.

Toll Free 855 and 844 Widen The Market

The newly released 855 area code toll free numbers and the pending 844 area code numbers will drastically ease the burden of the dearth of toll free numbers available to the average subscriber. The introduction of these two toll free area codes offers 10 million new toll free phone number options. This widening of the market helps businesses of all sizes and helps the consumer.

855 and 844 Area Codes Equate To Millions Of Options.

When you do the math, you realize that the new 855 area code toll free phone numbers, along with the pending new 844 numbers, equate to millions of new custom telephone number options for subscribers. With millions of new opportunities, business owners can create memorable custom toll free numbers to enhance their marketing and customer outreach. The possibilities are huge.

More Opportunities With 855 and 844 Numbers

Just like 855 area code phone numbers just did (and 800, 888, 877 and 866 before that) the new 844 toll free numbers will add millions of options for subscribers looking for a perfect custom number to match a business name, brand or a domain name. When the 844s come out, there will be many more opportunities for toll free subscribers.