Ramped Up Marketing with Toll Free Service

Toll free telephone service adds a new level of ramped up marketing for any type of business or non-profit–especially in the 21st century when the majority of advertising is online and customers want to complete the transaction as quickly as possible. When a customer cannot easily locate a telephone number on a website or ad, they look elsewhere. By providing easy-to-locate toll free phone numbers, businesses add this new dimension and reap the benefits of a 1-800 marketing number.


Merge with 1-800 Phone Numbers

We heard an interesting business management discussion recently and the consensus may be helpful to companies of all sizes that are considering merging with another business. The central topic of the discussion was the 1-800 number, If each of two companies planning to merge have an existing 1-800 phone number, then whose number do they use? The advice was useful–keep both existing numbers and establish a new one that reflects the newly merged company, Then, over a period of time, slowly phase the old individual numbers out. This leads to less confusion for the consumer and a potential loss of business. It also helps to solidify a new image, brand, and marketing tool for the new merged company.

What is Mass Misdial Marketing?

There have been many news reports recently about organizations losing their toll free number only to have it snagged up by a sex hotline.  It’s called Mass Misdial Marketing or MMM for short.  It’s a term coined by “Earl Bannon” of the Toll-free Advisory Committee in 2002.

SMSGOV has been pushing a grassroots federal bill to limit the acceptable uses of Mass Misdial Marketing.  SMSGOV has been in contact with multiple news sources and popular internet bloggers familiarizing them with Mass Misdial Marketing and steering them toward pushing the agenda that Mass Misdial Marketing should be limited.

We’d like to thank Earl Bannon for his work on Mass Misdial Marketing and for everyone involved for educating the industry on MMM.

Mass Misdial Marketing Articles from 2002

Toll Free Adds New Dimension to Commerce.

Toll free telephone service adds a new dimension to marketing and commerce for any type of business or non-profit–especially in the 21st century when the majority of advertising is online. When a customer cannot find a phone number on a website or through and APP, they often move on to a different company or site. Customers want convenience and they want a free connection. By providing toll free service, businesses add this new dimension and reap the benefits of a 1-800 number.

Gathering Marketing Data Using Toll Free

Gathering marketing information is essential for retail and service businesses. Supreme Court decisions have recently curbed just how much a business owner or clerk can ask customers about their personal information, even their zip code. But some companies are using 1-800 phone numbers in effective ways to gather data. Customers sometimes now get a receipt with a 1-800 telephone number on it for a survey that includes a random winner of a shopping spree to that store or a free service. The company gains the necessary information and the customer gets a chance to win a valuable prize.

855 Benefits To Small Companies

Small businesses across the Untied States are discovering how beneficial the new 855 toll free telephone numbers can be. The 855 numbers, just released last fall, are plentiful and are easily matched for a perfect custom number, matching a domain name, or a business name. Small companies nationwide are learning the advantages of affordable toll free through 855 numbers.

Did You See All The Toll Free in Ads During Last Night’s Game?

The 50 million viewers of the Super Bowl last night saw dozens of commercials featuring 1-800 numbers. The game is secondary to many viewers who enjoy watching the creative advertising. The lesson can be handed down from these giant corporations and their Madison Avenue ad executives–toll free phone service works and can be used in conjunction with all ads and promotions to increase business.

Choosers Can’t Be Waiters

We’ve heard much concern over businesses not being able to get a “good” toll free number in the popular 1-800 area code. Things have gotten worse and experts are thinking that in the very near future there could actually be no 1-800’s left to get! You should be concerned about the diminishing stock of 800 numbers because it is creating an even higher demand for toll free service, a marketing tool that the FCC says is “proven” to increase business. Studies show that telephone orders can increase up to 60 percent and word of mouth referrals can rise by 200 percent if a toll free number is advertised. You have to read this…

Free Marketing Advances

You are so lucky to have to have this article (and this in the answer to your prayers!) Many new business owners are not aware of the scams that are out there regarding marketing. One of the main problems is the charging from advertising executives to secure a toll free number. You no longer have to pay for someone else to get you these services – it’s easy to get it for yourself from a prominent and reputable provider. Get the FULL list of providers here!

Toll Free Ads Pay Off

During a major NFL game aired last evening on ESPN, there were 15 out 18 commercials during the first quarter that advertised a 1-800 number. Goes to show that toll free phone numbers are the best marketing tool any company can have. 1-800 numbers pay off and the best marketing experts know their value.