The Details Are Important

Pay close attention to the small print when subscribing for toll free service. Work with a reliable and established service provider who will be sure to guide you to the best options and features available. Toll free phone service should offer customers features and price points that meet their individual needs. Subscribers should never encounter any surprise fees or get locked into an unbreakable contract. Don’t pay for features you won’t likely use. Find a good provider and work with an experienced staff.

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The Changing Face of Today’s Office Space

We here at the SMSGOV recently saw an article in the Times about the new trend toward mobile offices replacing the traditional office space. Professionals and salespersons are ditching their expensive office space and running their business from their cars. With a laptop, cell phone and a toll free number, they can travel anywhere and stay in touch with clients. No rent, no utility bill. Everything they need is in their vehicle and with a toll free number, customers and clients can reach them anywhere at any time. When they go home, the whole office goes inside with them.