844 Numbers Too?

With all the buzz about the possible release of the 855 area codes to add to the existing 866, 877, 888 and 800 toll free phone numbers, there is speculation that the government could release two area codes at once–the 855 and the 844 supplies. A simultaneous double release of new toll free numbers would allow for a huge stock of new, quality, toll free phone numbers for subscribers to choose from. This would be a great boon to the industry.

U.S. Congress Attempts to Keep Up with Emerging Technologies

Virtually all common carriers and telecommunications companies are subject to the regulations under CALEA. This means all telephone communications can be monitored as part of legal, warranted, surveillance by law enforcement agencies. However, fiber optic communications are a possible exception for some wiretapping purposes because detecting transmission through the fiber optic cables is very difficult.

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Toll Free Mnemonics Help

There is an enormous business benefit to owning a memorable vanity toll free phone number. But, subscribers should be given the practical advice that to include the numerical equivalent in some ads near the vanity number. It is also advised that if the majority of your potential customers are senior citizens or teens, including both options (vanity and numerical equivalent) is likewise a good business practice.