Reduce Overhead Costs With Toll Free Service

Toll free phone service can help you eliminate or reduce costly office space and rental fees and other overhead expenses. With a toll free phone number, your customers call you for free and the calls can be routed to any phone, anywhere, any time. So no matter where you–or your staff–works, the calls will reach you. Managing toll free service is easy and flexible and can instantly increase recognition of you business and image. You will retain the appearance of a consolidated office/work headquarters but will cut back expensive overhead.


New .tel Domains Designed to Hold Contact Info

Using the DNS to store such data rather than simply mapping web addresses to IP addresses is “the most significant innovation in the domain name system since the advent of .com”, according to Khashayar Mahdavi, the CEO of London-based Telnic, which is operating the .tel registry.

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FCC Regulated Toll Free Ownership

After a recent blog post on regulation, a reader requested an example of how regulators have controlled the improper use of toll free numbers. Here’s one: In 2005, the FCC yanked control of 1-800-RED-CROSS from a private California business owner who was leasing the use of the number to local chapters of the Red Cross. When the charity filed a formal complaint, the FCC determined that the brokering was illegal and handed over control of the number to the non-profit.