News Coverage of Toll Free

Recently we have noticed far more publicity and media coverage about the benefits of toll free phone services. Magazines, newspapers, blogs and even TV news profiles on the advantages of 1-800 numbers have become commonplace. With all that news coverage, all four toll free area code numbers are are now widely recognized. This is good for the industry and for independent businesses and companies looking for enhanced marketing strategies. Every consumer who recognizes a toll free number as a free phone call is a potential new customer.

All Signs Point to Toll Free Number Embargo

Experts say that consumers recognize that many of the advantages of 1-800 numbers outweigh standard local phone service. Toll free service is becoming increasingly common with parents wishing to keep in close contact with children and teens. Businesses with a 1-800 number can see almost instant increases in sales, word of mouth referrals, and a decrease in product returns and the FCC reports that toll free service is a “proven” marketing tool.

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Toll Free Numbers Are “Portable”

In 1991, the Federal Communications Commission enacted a regulation that made 1-800 numbers ‘portable’—this simply means the number can be moved from carrier to carrier. (This is referred to as “porting” the number.) The idea was that subscribers should never have to worry about losing control of their preferred phone number if they switch carriers and they should never be locked into inferior service.