New Numbers A Boon For Personal Numbers Too

The pending turn-around we expect in the toll free phone industry in the next 18 months will not only help businesses–it will also help those looking for new toll free numbers for personal use. The “turn-around” we refer to is the anticipated release of new supplies of toll free numbers. Families and parents seeking their own toll free number will have an ample new supply to obtain creative vanity numbers that incorporate their last names, their street names, pet names or any other memorable phrases so their family and friends always recall their phone number!


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  1. I just started a dog grooming business and wanted to promote my services to potential customers. I signed up for a virtual phone system through iTeleCenter ( by COA Network,, that allowed me to create a personalized vanity number that would not only boast my business, but would be easy to remember. Now everyone I work with knows they can find me easily when they call 1-800-DOG-SPAS. In fact, when people see our trucks they call our office right when their passing them on the road. Customers always come to us telling us that they’ve been looking for a mobile groomer, but couldn’t find one until they saw our trucks and billboards.

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