Spreading The Word About Toll Free

As telecommunications experts, we continue to spread the word about the scarcity of good toll free numbers and to keep you posted about the suspected release of new 855 (and possible 844) area code numbers by the FCC. Business owners should be prepared. With the economy still unsteady, this dearth of available 1-800 numbers comes at a time when economists are advising business owners to shift their marketing tactics to direct response—including using toll free to attract consumers and sustain relationships with existing customers on a personal level. Getting good numbers, with supplies dwindling, is becoming a challenge. The best advice is to obtain a good toll free phone number today from a reputable provider.


Will Toll Frees be Used More This Year?

Growing concern over toll free usage this year: Businesses are concerned that the recent recession will cause them to face higher toll free usage and skyrocketing costs. A low cost toll free service is key and many businesses are opting to go with providers to fit the bill. Looking for well established providers that can offer affordable service and reliability are key…

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“Triggerfish” Technology Circumvents Phone Service Providers

Courts in recent years have been raising the evidentiary bar law enforcement agents must meet in order to obtain historical cell phone records that reveal information about a target’s location. But documents obtained by civil liberties groups under a Freedom of Information Act request suggest that “triggerfish” technology can be used to pinpoint cell phones without involving cell phone providers at all.

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