Will Toll Frees be Used More This Year?

Growing concern over toll free usage this year: Businesses are concerned that the recent recession will cause them to face higher toll free usage and skyrocketing costs. A low cost toll free service is key and many businesses are opting to go with providers to fit the bill. Looking for well established providers that can offer affordable service and reliability are key…

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Wall Street Journal Touts Toll Free

The Wall Street Journal recently touted toll free numbers: “…having a toll-free number is quite cheap these days when you consider the benefits it can offer a fledgling business. Making it easier for prospective customers to call — and to remember what to dial — will only boost call volume, and your sales potential.” The Wall Street Journal also stated “Studies have found that toll-free numbers used in advertising produce many more calls than standard phone numbers.”

WSJ Suggests That 800 Number Use Will Increase in Ressionary Times

Wall Street Journal:

In an uncertain environment, advertisers will also want to shift more of their advertising budgets to direct response (that use 1-800-number advertisements) and away from brand advertising.

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