Toll Free Numbers Help With Identity Theft

Government agencies are using toll free telephone numbers to curb crime–and lately the focus has been on identity theft. Criminals are increasingly searching for random Social Security numbers. Once they find them, they cross-check these numbers against other databases to see if the numbers have been used to obtain credit. The newest unfortunate trend is targeting children’s Social Security numbers. The Federal Trade Commission’s identity theft hotline can be reached toll-free at 1-877-ID-THEFT (438-4338).


Toll Free Continues To Help With Oil Spill

Day 105 of the gulf Oil Spill and the State of Florida and others are still using toll free phone numbers to connect with residents who spot oil on the beaches or in the waters. If oil is sighted on Florida’s coastline report it to the State Warning Point at 1-877-2-SAVE-FL (1-877-272-8335). Toll free service has proven invaluable during this disaster as a means of keeping communication flowing between the government, landowners, and BP officials.

California Protects Children With Toll Free Hotline

In California, another inventive way to use toll free to help the populace. The director of California’s Department of Social Services, has launched a toll free hotline to provide access to all Safe Surrender Baby site locations in California. Residents can now call 1-877-222-9723 to obtain hospital and designated fire station safe surrender site locations within their local communities. Since the Safe Surrender Baby law began in 2001, 331 newborns have been safely surrendered in California. Under the law, a parent can confidentially turn over a baby to any hospital or designated Safe Surrender Site in California. The parent or surrendering person is not required to provide his or her name and is protected from prosecution for child abandonment if the baby has not suffered abuse.