Federal and State Safety Numbers Established

With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 attacks just days away, individual states are establishing toll free telephone numbers as part of the federal If you See Something, Say Something Campaign to thwart terrorist attacks. This program is aimed at advising residents of every community nationwide to report any unusual activity–even if it seems harmless. A bag left on a busy subway or in a public rest room or a car/van/truck parked in a public for long periods with nobody attending to it are just of the activities that should be reported. To learn your state’s toll free telephone numbers as part of If you See Something. Say Something call your local representative.


Hurricane Irene and Toll Free Connections

In the wake of Hurricane Irene which devastated communities from the Carolinas to New England, government agencies, non-profits and insurance companies are very busy connecting through toll free phone service to those impacted by the storm. Both existing numbers and newly established toll free telephone numbers are active as customers reach out for much-needed assistance. Toll free ensures that the communities connect with those who can bring them relief.

Wisconsin Toll Free Lines Flooded

The toll free telephone hotline for Wisconsinites to get in touch with their legislators is temporarily disconnected. It’s been shut down since Friday, due to the crush of calls from people weighing in on the proposed public union cutbacks. Toll free lines are commonplace in local and state governments. Constituents can call government officials and agencies for help with inquiries and resources. In Wisconsin this week, the lines have been overwhelmed as residents flood the capital with concerns about major budget changes.


Toll Free Numbers Help With Identity Theft

Government agencies are using toll free telephone numbers to curb crime–and lately the focus has been on identity theft. Criminals are increasingly searching for random Social Security numbers. Once they find them, they cross-check these numbers against other databases to see if the numbers have been used to obtain credit. The newest unfortunate trend is targeting children’s Social Security numbers. The Federal Trade Commission’s identity theft hotline can be reached toll-free at 1-877-ID-THEFT (438-4338).

Three Days Left For Toll Free 2010 Census Line

The U.S. Census Bureau reminded the nation today that on Friday, July 30, it will shut down its toll free telephone assistance line. More than 130,000 interviews have been completed via the toll free line. Friday is the last day for callers who feel they may have been overlooked in the census to complete their 2010 questionnaire quickly over the phone. Call now if you have not been counted!  866-851-2010.

More Toll Free Government Use

Rapid City employees may soon be able to report possible cases of fraud or theft simply be dialing a toll free telephone number. The Rapid City Council is considering implementing an anonymous third-party hot line to help discover misuse of city resources similar to one already in operation in Sioux Falls. This is just another way that governments are utilizing toll free service to help save money and to help their constituents. Over the past decade, we have seen toll free grow in use by small towns, counties, states and the federal government.

2010 Updated Government Toll Free Numbers

This is a good resource for all the Federal government toll free phone numbers available: http://www.info.gov/toll-free.htm