Time For 855!

The FCC currently holds in reserve the next generation of toll free numbers, the 855, 844, and 833 numbers. The unprecedented growth of telecommunication and internet marketing services in the past decade has made 1-800 phone numbers increasingly valuable. In the 1990s, the FCC released 888, 877, and 866 toll free area codes to address the low supply of 800 numbers. Now, with more and more people getting their own toll free telephone number for business and personal use, the supply of those four toll free area codes is dwindling. Time for 855 numbers!


Decline of Available Toll Free Numbers Causes Alarm

Last week, a member of the Tollfree Advisory Committee at SMSGOV.com acknowledged that the scarcity is causing a surge of subscribers scurrying to obtain the available toll free numbers. If supplies deplete much further, small businesses nationwide could see disastrous economic fallout. Toll free numbers are known as an effective marking strategy that increases customer base and boosts revenue.

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Old Problems Surface Again

Word of potential rationing of toll free numbers has been floating through the gossip mill lately. Rationing of toll free numbers is not a new concept. After 800 numbers ran dry in 1995 the federal government rationed numbers until the 888 numbers were launched a year later. Toll free service is essential for every business trying to get a competitive edge in tis economy. Insiders are concerned that if the existing available 800 numbers are rationed, some businesses could lose a viable marketing strategy.