News Outlets Covering The Value of Toll Free Service

As we have been reporting, the news is covering the benefits of toll free phone service regularly now. We have witnessed increasing media attention regarding the value of toll free telephone service. More and more blogs, business magazines, and web sites are writing about the many ways toll free phone numbers help  promote business, government, charities, entertainment and more. Search news sites and see what we mean. Toll free telephone numbers have become so popular that they are considered the gold standard of mainstream telecommunications now.


Hoarding Toll Free Numbers

The FCC began investigating hoarding of 800 numbers as far back as 1995, but despite the subsequent release of 888, 877, and 866 pre-fixes, the practice continues to grow along with the skyrocketing popularity of toll free service. Hoarding by individual subscribers is lillegal. A subscriber may not acquire more toll-free numbers than they intend to use. By FCC definition, “hoarding” also includes “brokering” toll-free numbers for a fee.

1-800 Telephone Number Exhaustion

Toll free telephone number exhaustion is a real problem taking place in the United States.

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