Toll Free Numbers Helps Consumers Scammed For Summer Events

Tickets season for summer events is in full swing. But beware the scammers. Hockey fans nationwide this week have been cheated over fake tickets for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. With millions of consumers looking to buy legitimate tickets for concerts and other events this summer, scam sellers are busy. Consumers who believe that they have been cheated by an unscrupulous online-ticket vendor are urged to contact  1-800-386-5438 (TTY: 1-800-964-3013) to report the incident and file a consumer complaint.


Insiders Forsee Toll-free Phone Service Applications On the Rise

For several months now, industry insiders have been advising anyone looking for a toll free number to secure one immediately. The warnings are apparently sinking in– applications for 800 numbers are at an all-time high as subscribers try to obtain a number while there are still some remaining.

Making the situation worse, hopes that the new 855 numbers would soon be released have been dashed as insiders report the launch of the numbers may be held off until 2011. Meanwhile more than two-thirds of available numbers have been taken and millions of new numbers are being registered each year.

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Rationing Of Toll-free Phone Numbers Scrutinized

The force behind the demand for toll-free numbers is not only the traditional business use: a growing market is comprised of residential customers. If rationing is implemented, obtaining a new toll free number will be more difficult than ever before.

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