Wells Fargo Provides 1-800 Numbers To Help Travelers

Wells Fargo has just announced a program to provide toll free phone service and other resources to help summer travelers. Wells Fargo can provide an instant replacement ATM card at Wells Fargo banks. If cards are lost, stolen or temporarily suspended, Wells Fargo can rush a replacement card to customers almost anywhere in the world. Customers can contact Wells Fargo toll free at 800-642-4720. To find an ATM, customers can call 1-800-TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557).


The Plans for the Proposed Toll Free Ration Program

The stock of available toll free numbers is now so depleted that insiders say government agencies may implement another rationing of the 800, 888, 877, and 866 pre-fixes within months. Rumors of a rationing program have subscribers scrambling to obtain numbers, creating an even more limited supply.

The federal government rationed coveted 800 numbers in 1995 until the new 888 pre-fix was introduced a year later. But the U.S. supply of available 1-800 numbers, dwindling for years, is again nearly depleted. Toll free numbers enable callers to reach businesses, organizations, and non-profits without having to pay for the call. This marketing tool has been so successful that the available 1-800 numbers are decreasing while demand is growing at unprecedented rates.

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Increasing Prices of 800 Numbers Could Hurt Economy

Due to the ongoing scarcity of 800 area code phone numbers, recent reports are indicating that phone companies are beginning to raise the cost to obtain 800 numbers.

Many providers are expected to follow suit.

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