Feds Set Up Toll Free Number To Report Scammers

The federal government begins mailing $250 tax-rebate checks today to seniors in Medicare prescription drug program. But feds are warning seniors that scam artists already are targeting the payments. Federal officials are getting reports of scam artists contacting seniors asking for  personal information to get the checks — including Medicare, Social Security or bank account numbers. Anyone who has received a scam call should call the toll free number 800- 633-4227.


Toll Free Number Issued to Curb Underage Drinking

Randy Yank knows his daughters Megan and Lindsey are faced with temptation each day, especially when it comes to alcohol.

“I’m shocked at some of the things I hear. I wasn’t perfect or anything, but it’s a lot worse now than it ever was when I was in High School,” said Yank.

Although Randy’s daughters aren’t in high school yet, they know underage drinking is not the way to go.

That’s why the sisters both agree that a new hotline designed to turn kids in is the right way to go.

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Rationing Scare Worries New Toll Free Applications

Facing an extreme dearth of 800 numbers, telecommunications experts are now concerned that a toll free number ration could delay new phone service applications. And in the midst of an economic meltdown, U.S. business owners could not imagine worse news.

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