The Time For 855 Is Now

It has been a decade since a new toll free telephone area code has been released. The last time a new toll free telephone number was released, stock was limited, interest was growing and the economy was changing. The same situation is happening now and a new toll free area code, specifically the 855 numbers, would generate millions of new toll free possibilities for companies and for personal use throughout the United States and Canada. Discussions about the imminent release of 855 are abundant and we hope that the numbers are allowed into the system soon.


As Rates Go Up Cost Comparisons Can Save Money

Some toll free providers recently announced they are increasing their rates for toll free service. This is an important reminder that subscribers should carefully shop around before signing on for toll free service. Rates and options can be vastly different and often the smaller carriers are less expensive and provide more personal service. The ability for every subscriber to transfer service is dissatisfied with prices and sound quality is key.

Toll Free Number Becomes New Office

Not too long ago there was an article in the Times about the new trend toward mobile offices replacing the traditional office space. Professionals and salespersons are ditching their expensive office space and running their business from their cars. With a laptop, cell phone and a toll free number, they can travel anywhere and stay in touch with clients. No rent, no utility bill. Everything they need is in their vehicle and with a toll free number, customers and clients can reach them anywhere at any time. When they go home, the whole office goes inside with them.