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As telecommunications experts, we are actively spreading the word about the scarcity of good toll free numbers and keeping our readers apprised of new developments within the industry.Business owners should be educated and prepared for the shortfall at a time when they may need the advantages of toll free the most. With the economy still floundering, this dearth of available 1-800 numbers comes at a time when economists are advising business owners to shift their marketing tactics to direct response—including using toll free to attract consumers and sustain relationships with existing customers. We know that toll free helps businesses. But getting good numbers, with supplies dwindling, is becoming a challenge. The best advice, still, is to obtain a good toll free phone number today.


101st Birthday For Small Town Phone Company

In 1909, Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Chapin began serving customers. This month, the business celebrated its one hundred and first anniversary with an open house celebration. The venture originally serviced four Michigan townships: Chapin and Brady in Saginaw County and Fairfield and Rush in Shiawassee County. As the farming community grew, lines were built throughout the area, and residents who wanted phone service were required to put up the poles themselves. As they did this, some became stockholders. Service dues were as low as $8 per year, and collected twice a year in January and July.
How times have changed…, any customer can instantly set up a personal toll free number that rings to any phone they choose, wherever they are, 24/7.

IRS Provides Toll Free Number for Citizens

Tax day has come and gone for 2010, but for some people, dealings with taxes may not be done. Toll free numbers have been established by the IRS for people who didn’t file by April 15, want to check the status of your refund, or who are unhappy with the amount of the refund.
The IRS has set up 1-800-829-1954 for taxpayers to seek assistance for refund information: 1-800-TAX-FORM to alter information on your submitted tax form: and 1-877-777-4778 for general assistance.