800 Number and Domain/The New Marketing Standard

Matching an 1-800 number and a domain name has become a marketing standard for businesses large and small. And with the new 855 toll free numbers, this is an easy task. Business owners nationwide are discovering how simple it is to match their domain with an 855 number.

855 On The Web

Since news has come out that the 855 toll free numbers could be released within days, there have been an awful lot of articles on the web about the new 855 toll free area code numbers, poised for release. Do your homework because not all the information out there is accurate. Prepare now and anyone can get a good custom 855 toll free number once they are released. But don’t believe everything you read–the FCC has stringent guidelines about the distribution of these numbers.

A Mad Rush for 855 Numbers

There is no doubt about it-when the 855 toll free area codes are released, there will be a mad rush to obtain the best numbers. Companies will want vanity numbers that match their image, type of business, and domain names. Those who are prepared in advance will reap the many benefits of an 855 toll free phone number. It is time for consumers to learn how to obtain their own custom 855 number as soon as the pool becomes available. Potential subscribers should contact a reputable toll free service provider and learn how to prepare to get a new custom 855 toll free phone number.

What To Do About 855?

Someone asked recently what they could do to help in the movement to get the 855 toll free telephone area codes made available. Writing to your federal elected official is one option. The 855 numbers are currently held by the FCC until they are deemed needed for public use. In our opinion, the pool of 855 toll free numbers would be helpful to ease the burden of decreasing available toll free phone numbers and would reduce the illegal hoarding and distribution of these numbers.