Toll Free 866 Phone Numbers In High Demand

With 800 numbers becoming more and more difficult to obtain, the toll free 866 numbers are rising in popularity and fast becoming one of the most requested toll free numbers.

866 numbers are the newest toll free numbers, released by the Federal Communications Commission in 2000 to address the shortage of 800, 888, and 877 numbers. Once consumers began to recognize the 866 pre-fix as toll free, the value of 866 soared. Recent studies indicate that 9 out of 10 consumers recognize 866 as a toll free number. The 866 numbers are more popular then ever before, increasing in demand every day.

But insiders warn that just like 800, 888, and 877, the 866 numbers are in short supply. A nationwide demand for toll free service has caused supplies of the limited available phone numbers to plummet.

Toll free 800 numbers were introduced in 1967. Two decades later, when most of the 7 million possible numbers were taken, the 888 pre-fix debuted. It took just two years for that supply to run out. With the popularity of toll free service soaring and supplies dropping, the FCC then launched 877 in 1998 followed soon after by 866. While insiders initially worried that consumers would not recognize 877 and 866 as toll free, these numbers have steadily grown in popularity.

The FCC has reserved 855 numbers for future use. But according to SMS/800, the reserved 855 pre-fix, intended to restore the rapidly decreasing stock of numbers, may not be released for several years. In fact, industry insiders say 855 might not be introduced until 2011.

Experts recommend that anyone wishing to obtain a, 866 toll free number secure one immediately. With a limited number of toll free possibilities, the finite numerical supply is nearly expended. Companies like AT&T and Verizon can quickly secure a number for any subscriber, then offer low rates, a variety of services and reliable fiber optic connections.


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  1. I got on the toll free bandwagon a little late. The number I wanted was only available in 866 and I was worried that it wouldn\’t be as affective as an 800. Well now I\’ve got four 866s that I use for my business and business is booming. I underestimated the value of 866 and almost paid the price by not getting one. I\’d recommend getting one IMMEDIATELY to any small business that wants to see their profits increase. Except people in the towing industry. That\’s my game, hehe.

  2. Why would any one wait THAT long for an 855? Might aswell get a good one now before thier all taken.

  3. good point

  4. I have found some really neat 866 numbers at some searching database online. 866 has lots to offer!

  5. good point

  6. 800 numbers are nearly impossible to find but 866 opens up a lot of doors!

  7. Man, I didnt know that 800s were relesed that long ago. No wonder their all taken.

  8. 877 is pretty good and available too.

  9. Thank God they use fiber optics. I had a voice over ip line a while back and that thing sucked! Too much static. Too many dropped calls. I aint going back to that.

  10. How does one search to see what\’s available?

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  18. These are only Japan based manufacturers. American companies have made no such agreement.

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  20. Speaker Verification has been around for years, and has been successfully deployed at quite a few financial institutions (Charles Schwab immediately comes to mind). This is not new technology — Nuance has had it working on numerous telephony platforms for at least five years. So I’m not quite sure why RSA is tooting their horns about this.

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  23. Personal opinion here, but it’s not about the price of the call.

    I’m in the UK; our equivalent is 0800, but it’s essentailly the same as 800 in the US. On most mobile networks here, you get charged for calling 0800, at the same rate as calling a normal fixed line phone.

    So, it’s not the price that I see when I call, it’s the image of the company. Unless I spot a company with a familiar area code such as my local area, I’m going to go with the company that looks the most impressive. Given the choice between two identical offerings, one from a company on 01987 532345 and another from 0800 4532345, I’ll go with the 0800 offering every time.

    It’s like domain names. Who would you buy from? or

  24. Bah, been there done that.

  25. When godaddy first listed their phone number i was like… OMG its not 800!!! then i thought.. Via cell phone it’s alllll the same.

  26. interesting article. much appreciated

  27. how long will it take before the NSA starts using this, no more calling from phone booths, to hide your number

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  36. Toll free numbers have a number of features which make them different from standard 1+ switched numbers. All toll free numbers are registered with the national SMS database. Not to be confused with “Short Message Service” on cell phones, the SMS database keeps track of ownership of a toll free numbers via RespOrg (Responsible Organization), and routing of toll free numbers, including time of day routing, area of service routing, and the ability to route toll free numbers across multiple carriers for rudundantcy purposes. At the carrier level, toll free numbers may be pointed to either a customer’s trunk group or to a POTS number.

    Toll free numbers cannot be slammed, the only way to change carrier on a toll free number is to write a letter of authorization to the RespOrg to release the number back to the national SMS database.

    In short, toll free numbers are industrial strength telecom. They’re not going anywhere until someone can build an infrastructure which offers the same or better guaranteed reliability.

  37. Aim Low, Reach Your Goals, Avoid Disappointment.

  38. A little off-topic, but what is the fourth generation mentioned in the article? Looking at some of the cellphones in Japan, i’m wondering what further features they could throw in there…

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  40. i tried to call but accidently hit my head with the phone.

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  42. I really wish that I could get the 800 number of my horrible hosting company. Man.

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