Did You See This?

Did you see this in the news? An FCC commissioner has sent an open letter to Verizon Wireless, scolding the carrier for its new early termination fees. Verizon’s early termination fees recently climbed from $175 to $350 for smartphones and other “advanced devices.” The FCC asked Verizon to explain itself.


What’s Happened to all the 1(800) Numbers?

The popularity of the 1-800 number, introduced in the late 1960s, led the FCC to add the new pre-fixes 888 and 877 in the mid-1990s. When availability of those numbers became scarce in 2000, the 866 pre-fixes were added to overcome the shortage. Now, eight years later, the stockpile is once again low despite the recent mass deactivation of unused 800 numbers.

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Investment Strategies

With the supply of available 800 numbers dwindling and no immediate plans by the FCC to launch additional numbers, experts advise that business owners and others interested in securing an 800 number should invest today. What do you think of this? Tell us by clicking here.