Frequently Asked Questions

Among the most frequently asked question we get as experts in telecommunications field is: Can i still get a decent custom toll free phone number with the existing four area codes? Or should I wait to sign up until the new area codes are released. The answers are a resounding YES and NO in that order. Subscribers can still get a good custom number. They need to research providers and find one that has access to a good stock of custom options. And NO..there is no reason to wait. A toll free number is affordable and produces better recognition of a company and expands potential revenue. So the advice within the industry is to get one now, and another if needed when the new area codes are released.


October 1994

The objective of CALEA implementation is to preserve law enforcement’s ability to conduct lawfully-authorized electronic surveillance while preserving public safety, the public’s right to privacy, and the telecommunications industry’s competitiveness. Read more here.

What capacity does law enforcement have to monitor phone calls?

Emerging technology has raised questions about how, and under what circumstances and situations, law enforcement agencies can tap into and trace phone calls. As new and enhanced telecommunications systems develop, the debate over this issue becomes more intense.

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