Will This Be The Year For 855?

At the start of 2010, most of us in the industry are wondering if this will be the year that the new 855 toll free area codes will be released. It has been more than a decade since new area codes were made available by the FCC and the time is now for a new supply. With toll free phone numbers now a basic marketing tool used by most businesses, it is becoming harder to obtain ideal custom numbers. The new 855 numbers would relieve the burden. Will this be the year?


Avoid Toll-Free Ownership Certificate Scams

A number of telephone companies have been reporting that they are receiving an influx of new toll-free customers that want the telephone company to port a “new” 800 number to their resporg.

Your new customer may attempt to provide what they believe to be a “legitimate” certificate showing that they have the legal rights to the specified 800, 888, 877 or 866 phone number. Oftentimes these customers have paid up to $5000 for this certificate, but unfortunately they were scammed.

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