800 Numbers For Recorded Messages

Within the industry we are seeing more and more toll free phone numbers obtained for use for recorded messages. Informational, instructional, referrals and even spiritual and meditation through a toll free phone call. Yes, you can call a toll free number and hear a recorded guided meditation. At the beginning, the instructor refers the listeners to a website, podcast or CD for additional meditation therapies. These creative uses are what toll free is all about-an affordable way to market any and every type of business and service.


Toll Free Costs – What you can expect.

Subscribers will never encounter any surprise costs and hidden fees with toll free numbers obtained through a reputable service provider. Subscribers can choose from a list of specific services and products not available through regular phone service. With toll free service, they never pay for options they don’t need and won’t use.

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CALEA, At It Again

As part of an investigation, law enforcement agencies or intelligence services can tap into a phone call or trace the origin of the call without advising any of the parties involved in the communications. Get the CALEA information here.