Toll Free Aids Weather Service

With major snow and ice storms knocking out travel throughout the midwest and the east coast these past few weeks, the National Weather Service is relying on their toll free phone service to stay in touch with weather patterns throughout the U.S. Whenever the National Weather Service suspects there could be icy and hazardous conditions, they are asking people to report ice accumulation to the National Weather Service’s toll free number at 877-633-6772. With this connection through toll free service, the weather experts are better equipped to warn travelers about dangerous conditions.


CALEA is Law

On August 15, 2000, in the case of United States Telecom Association, et al., Petitioners v. Federal Communications Commission and United States of America, respondents and AirTouch Communications, Inc., Interveners. (D.C. Circuit, August 15, 2000) the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit partially vacated and remanded to the Federal Communications Commission the Third Report and Order FCC 99-230. The court vacated the FCC’s decision with respect to four Punch List capabilities: dialed digit extraction, party/hold/join/drop information, subject initiated dialing and signaling, and in-band/out-of-band signaling. The court’s ruling requires the FCC to reconsider whether these four Punch List items are mandated by CALEA, and to enter a new decision in accordance with the court’s instructions.

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2005, Hurricane Katrina

Disaster strikes as a horrible hurricane tears through New Orleans, LA in 2005. People find it hard to get over the devastation, even to this day five years later…

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