Responses to 855 Post

Heard from many colleagues over yesterday’s post about the possibility of new 855 area codes released in 2010. Many believe it could happen, some think toward the end of the year or early 2011. But all agreed that there is a need for a bolstered supply of toll free phone numbers. Everyone also agrees that the new numbers will be scooped up fast and that the release of an additional area code–in other words simultaneous release of 855 and maybe 844–would be the best way to help the industry and enhance business owners ability to obtain new custom numbers.


Don’t Lose Customers

Many businesses show a significant decline in business when a local area code changes. Many growing counties and areas needing to split an area code in to two or more are generally facing several setbacks. One of the major ones being that, since the area is growing in population, similar companies can start to provide more competition. Area code splits are difficult if you do not have a toll free number. With a toll free number an area code split makes no difference. Without one, companies have to go through the trials and tribulations of misprinted ads, phone listings, business cards, not mention an existing customer trying to reach you using an old area code only to find out that it’s now disconnected! Read more here.


We look to our Federal Advisory Committee on numbering issues, the NANC, for a recommendation on how best to administer toll free numbers. We ask the NANC to address whether a system of administration similar to that used to administer the NANP or a different system should be established.

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