Restaurant Toll Free Growing Trend

Last minute decision to try and get a table at the hottest restaurants in New York, L.A. or Vegas? It is easier than it used to be. Many chic eateries now offer a toll free phone number to make reservations, even at the last minute. Program these numbers into your phone and with the click of a button you can be connected to the host to secure your primo table. I know a frequent traveler who takes care of this from the plane before arrival. This is yet another growing trend in the toll free service arena.


Report on the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)

CALEA requires telecommunications carriers to modify their equipment, facilities, and services to aid surveillance capabilities. Initially there was some question as to whether this would apply to VoIP—Voice Over Internet Protocol service—but in 2005 the courts ruled that indeed VoIP must comply with CALEA.

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Communications Act

Are telecommunications companies ready to be on their own in governing themselves? Most would say no and assume that the absolute power given will destroy a “company” in the Telecom business. Other organizations are helpful in the regulations, though.
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