WCB extends the temporary assignment of three toll free numbers to SAMHSA

On January 22, 2007, pursuant to the Commission’s exclusive jurisdiction over numbering resources1 and its obligation to protect public safety,2 the Wireline Competition Bureau (Bureau) assigned three toll free numbers to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)3
for a period of one year.4 Those numbers had previously been used by the Kristin Brooks Hope Center (KBHC), a private non-profit organization. KBHC filed an Application for Review of that Order on February 21, 2007.5 On November 20, 2007, SAMHSA filed a request that the temporary assignment be
made permanent to ensure the continuous operation of the three toll free numbers as public resources.6 The Bureau has extended this temporary assignment several times.7 In this Order, we extend the current temporary assignment for an additional two months.

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Business Website Supports The Benefits of Toll Free

A website for business called ContractingBusiness.com has a great article on toll free numbers by Rosann Knorr. Check it out. Here is just a sample of the lengthy article: The rising trend toward using vanity names in toll-free numbers. The memorable quality of the number translates to convenience for the customer, better branding, lead generation, and, ultimately, sales and profits.

Secure Your Toll Free

Fiber optics is considered secure. It is difficult, if not impossible, to detect motion through the fibers. This reduces concerns over phone calls being improperly monitored. Read more on this security issue here.

Toll Free 855 Numbers Have Yet To Be Released

To overcome shortages of 1-800 numbers in the past, 888 and 877 were introduced in 1996 and 1998 respectively. Then, in 2000 the 866 numbers debuted. But toll free numbers have become such a valuable commodity that the stock is once again depleted. With an estimated five year wait before another new pre-fix is added, experts advise that obtaining a number immediately is essential.

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