More Municipalities Using Toll Free

Municipalities continue to use toll free phone service to reduce the necessity for residents to drive to municipal offices. This is especially important in rural states where government offices could be hundreds of miles away. For instance. the The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is reducing walk-in service hours at its centers statewide. As of today, Jan. 4, 2010, the DNR service center in Black River Falls, 910 Highway 54 E., will offer reduced counter service however, the DNR has beefed up customer service on-line and with the popular toll-free call center. Residents can call the toll free number to get licenses or answers to questions about rules and regulations. The service has one number for English speaking residents and a second for Spanish speaking residents.


The Few and Far Between

Toll Free numbers are big in the business industry. No matter what type of business you have you probably need a toll free. Get more inform here.

Seriou Toll Frees

Call loss for businesses can be astonishing when you look in to the numbers. It seems like people are more likely to misdial a local telephone number than a toll free number – it’s almost like they don’t take it as seriously…

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