New Technology Demands Toll Free

Nearly everyone has a “smart” phone these days that accomplishes far more than just connecting a phone call. Apps for every type of business are available at the touch of a screen or a button. When a potential customer seeks info on their phone for restaurants, businesses and other services, owners of all companies should make sure their business pops up on the screen with a toll free phone number. Given the choice, the customer–with phone in hand–will likely choose an option that offers toll free.


What function does the FCC perform in toll free phone numbers?

When the popular 800 numbers became scarce, the FCC introduced the 888 and 877 numbers in the mid-1990s and the 866 pre-fix in 2000. Available stock of toll free numbers is quickly depleting and industry insiders are awaiting the release of the 855 numbers currently reserved by the FCC. Insiders say these numbers may not be released for several years.

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Bills and What YOU Need To Know

Toll Free Administration
Management and Oversight Structure

* Break Up the SMT
* Owner/Operators cannot be affiliated with the Administration, Data Center or SCP
* Need Neutral 3rd party Toll Free Administrator, Data Center and SCP

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