Grasshopper Getting Negative Press from is talking today about how it may be a bad idea to make a small communications company your only link for your telephone communications. Referring to complaints they received on their website about how their service is down, Consumer Affairs effectively labeled Grasshopper as a “Risk”


Increased Reports of Virtual Office Becoming The Norm.

With office downsizing becoming more and more common we are hearing increasing reports of virtual offices becoming the norm. Toll free phone service combined with virtual office systems streamlines management needs and reduces communications costs. With a toll free phone system that mimics corporate phone set-ups, any small business can have comprehensive telephone connections without having to install any new equipment or purchase new set-ups. We are finding that virtual office systems are becoming more and more popular, especially as companies attempt to keep their staff costs down.

Remind Contacts To Research Providers

It is important that those of us in the industry remember, and remind all our contacts, to carefully research toll free phone service providers. Make sure they are legit and established. And always remember that under federal law anyone can always transfer or “port” a number to another provider that can offer better rates, more flexible plans, and an array of features. There is no reason to settle for substandard service when a number can be transferred. A good service provider will help, wont charge exorbitant fees, and will do most of the work. This good service benefits the entire industry.

Communications Act

Are telecommunications companies ready to be on their own in governing themselves? Most would say no and assume that the absolute power given will destroy a “company” in the Telecom business. Other organizations are helpful in the regulations, though.
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