Toll Free Numbers in Tax Season

Tax season is in full swing and even though we have a couple of extra days this year to file our returns, time is short. The federal government and tax assistance businesses nationwide are using toll free phone numbers to help citizens prepare and file their tax returns. Just two weeks left!


2011 Winter Toll Free Numbers

With snow emergencies this winter hitting nationwide, and as far south as Atlanta and Dallas, 1-800 numbers have been instituted in most cities, and counties throughout the united States to help residents deal with weather-related emergencies. Municipal toll free phone numbers are nothing new, but they have grown in number and in use over the past year or so as governments provide free communication for assistance and updates.

Toll Free Number for Tax Info

Tax season is upon us and once again the federal government has a toll free telephone number in place to help us track down our tax refunds. A special automated toll free phone line will offer refund status reports. Taxpayers can call 800- 829-1954.

State Uses Toll Free To Connect With Victims

Below is an Associated Press article about more governmental toll free phone number use. This is becoming a common way for officials to connect with constituents.

Government officials in North Carolina want to hear from people who say they were sterilized through a state program that ended almost 40 years ago. A state agency announced Tuesday a toll-free number for callers to provide information and confirm the identification of someone who was sterilized under the authority of the North Carolina Eugenics Board. More than 7,600 people were sterilized by choice or coercion under the program between 1933 and 1973. Callers will have to fill out a verification form.

Gov. Beverly Perdue created a foundation designed to determine how to compensate victims. But there’s no money set aside right now for that assistance. The N.C. Justice for Sterilization Victims Foundation said verification doesn’t guarantee the person will receive compensation.

The toll free number is 1-877-550-6013 and will operate from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Verification forms also are available online at