Are you sure your Web Browser isn’t leaking your info?

Users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer are being urged by experts to switch to a rival until a serious security flaw has been fixed.
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Could Toll Free Rationing Happen Again?

The federal government rationed coveted 800 numbers in 1995 until the new 888 pre-fix was introduced a year later. Industry insiders are eagerly awaiting the outcome of this latest rationing proposal. Telecommunications experts are reportedly concerned that a toll free number ration could delay new phone service applications in the midst of one of the worst U.S. economic downturns in decades.

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State owned telecom operator, MTNL is going to offer 3G phone services

New Delhi, India – MTNL Launches 3G Services in New Delhi, MTNL 3G Launch, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited third Generation

The state owned telecom operator, MTNL is going to offer 3G phone services. MTNL will offer the 3G high-speed data mobile phone free services initially to its high-spending mobile customers for a period of two months on a trial basis.

The 3G service of MTNL is expected to be launched by Dr Manmohan Singh, during the Indian Telecom Summit in New Delhi.

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited/MTNL will launch the 3G service in Delhi followed by Mumbai in two months. The network for roll out of 3G services in Delhi is not fully complete yet that is the reason why the 3rd generation service will be restricted initially to the New Delhi Municipal Corporation/NDMC area and National Capital Region of Gurgaon.

The Price of 800 Numbers are Going Up

Due to the ongoing scarcity of 800 area code phone numbers, recent reports are indicating that phone companies are beginning to raise the cost to obtain 800 numbers.

Many providers are expected to follow suit.

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Copper wire theft disrupts phone service in Washington County

About 3,000 Windstream Communications phone and broadband customers in Washington County were left without service for much of Wednesday after thieves cut lines and fiber optic cables to steal copper wiring.

Customers in the Fredericktown and Richeyville areas lost service between 2 and 3 a.m., Windstream spokeswoman Erin Ascione said. Repair crews made their way to a rural area of Greene County Hill before dawn to begin making repairs, she said.

Repairs were completed shortly after 5 p.m., Ascione said. Windstream, based in Little Rock provides rural phone service to communities in 16 states.

The Best Google iPhone Apps NOT Made by Google

The Google brand is ubiquitous. You’d have to make a concerted effort to avoid all the Googley things that Google has Googled. But what if some of the most useful Google iPhone apps…weren’t made by Google at all?

We think that might be the case: here we present some of our favorite non-Google ways to access Google services on the iPhone. How do you think these compare to Google’s own app?
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Many California Drivers are Ignoring the Hands-Free Law

Some cops say a growing number of drivers are ignoring the hands-free law that went into effect July 1. The CHP has issued more than 35,000 tickets statewide, a figure that does not include citations from city police departments. What’s happening here is what happened in New York when that state banned hand-held phones in 2001. Motorists heeded the law for a while, but police issued 142,000 tickets that year. Now, the tally is about 270,000 a year…

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