Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day from everyone at SMSGOV. We send out our gratitude and best wishes to all military, past and present. To help some of our heroes wounded in combat, call 1-877-TEAM-WWP.

Memorial Day Weekend Travel

Gas prices nationwide dipped this week and are expected to continue to drop through the Memorial Day weekend, prompting more holiday travel than initially expected. And along with these travel plans, we expect to see a boon in toll free telephone number usage this week. 1-800 numbers will be used to make plans for hotels, air travel, and for tickets to shows and major league baseball games. Toll free and travel plans go hand in hand and with the (slight) decrease in gasoline prices this week, Memorial Day travel plans are on the rise.


Veterans Services Available At 1-800 Numbers Nationwide

This is the weekend we honor our lost military personnel. To support veterans services as a message of honor and remembrance, look up the dozens of 1-800 numbers related to veterans services nationwide. Toll free phone numbers have been helping to aid and resources to veterans for decades.

Weekend Travel And Telecommunications

Millions of travelers will use telecommunications and especially toll free telephone numbers to plan their holidays this Memorial Day Weekend. Travel is up 40 percent over last year when the economy was at its lowest point. Keep in touch, make reservations and plans on your phone using all the new technology and reliable 1-800 numbers. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!