Carriers Need To Notify/Educate About Toll Free Transfers

It is important to keep in mind that when subscribers transfer a toll free phone number from one carrier to another there should be no–or very limited–interruption in service. Carriers need to make sure subscribers understand that in most instances service can be transferred without any down time. If working with quality companies, the subscriber should fine the transfer to be seamless. The bulk of the work is completed before the new phone company forwards a transfer request and this process should take just a few days. To educate the consumer, toll free providers should discuss the transfer process with potential subscribers who may be suffering with poor quality toll free service because they fear costly interruptions if they transfer.


Don’t Get Had

All too often people call up toll free providers and ask for a super popular number. When told that it is already owned by someone else, few go on a die hard mission to get the number they want. They may think they’ve found success when they come across someone on the internet promising to get them any number they could want. This is, unfortunately, too good to be true. Few ‘companies’ online do this as a side job, charging outrageous amounts for fake certificates of owner ship. Then they split…

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