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The website focuses on all aspects of Free To Air satellite television. Today, administrator Ben Popken spoke openly, addressing the widely concerned issue of toll free number 800/888 confusion and the illegal practice of brokering and squatting “1-800” telephone numbers

Popken is alleging that an independent “DirecTV Marketer Steals DISH Network Customers Via 800 Number Squatting.” Popken wrote on the FTA-GODS website to address his concerns over the confusion between the United States satellite TV company Dish Network’s toll free number 800-333-DISH vs, the number Ben Popken dialed 888-333-DISH. Popken claims the representative that answered his call misrepresented the company as Dish Network, rather than the independent DirectTV marketing company it is.

Popken’s Full Transcript from below:

A sneaky DirecTV marketer has bought up toll-free numbers that end in “DISH.” When DISH Network customers call up, the operators make it sound like they’re from Dish and offering them a free service upgrade, but in reality, they’re switching the service and slamming the Dish Network customer into a DirecTV service contract.
The real number for DISH is 800-333-3474, but this company has bought 888-333-3474, and according to reports on 800 notes, several other 800, 888, 866 numbers that end with “DISH.”
We first heard about it in a message left on our Consumerist hotline:
TRANSCRIPT: “I had to authorize a new Dish receiver. The number on the screen said 1-800-333-DISH. I dialed 1-888-333-DISH. I got a guy that immediately asked for my name, phone number, address, email address, and talked about the new specials that he could give me for being such a loyal customer. I kind of just wanted my receiver authorized.
And he says, these are some great deals, and you should get rewarded for being such a loyal customer since you’ve been with Dish Network so long.
Then he says, “if I send you these new boxes out, keep in mind that these are direct Tv boxes…”
It turns out that it was a DirecTV franchise that was capitalizing on people mistaking 1-800-333-DISH for 1-888-333-DISH. They’re not telling people who they are upfront and they’re getting a bunch of information when you’re thinking that you’re talking to a company that you already trust and have an account with. So it really ticked me off. It’s totally uncool. Hopefully you can print this and people won’t get confused anymore.” :END TRANSCRIPT
Very clever. If you accidentally sign up for this, best thing to do is a charegback. Unsurprisingly, the folks on 800 notes say the sleazy DirecTV marketers are not that nice about giving refunds.

The full article by Ben Popken can be viewed here

Read 800notes comments about 888-333-3474

More info on toll free number squatting can be found here


4 Responses

  1. this is a company called american premire satellite and is almost exactly like the real dish network tech support phone # of 1-800-333-3474 when called they try to make you switch to direct tv

  2. I was helped by a very dishonest employee who led me to believe that I was talking with Dish Network and signed me up for Directv (without disclosing it) and caused me a lot of grief.

  3. We just called this number thinking it was dish network, they tried to tell us our contract was up and our equipment was no good so they needed to replace all of our equipment w/ Directv equipment because Directv is buying out Dish Network. I thought it seemed suspicious so we said we would call back. Then my son said Dish Network is 1800333DISH. They would have scammed us right out of our Dish Network!! He even said he was from Dish Network!

  4. They are a promotions department for Dish Satellite. They gave me a free hd box and they automatically discounted my bill because they are a promotions line.

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