New Numbers Could Curb Rationing Plans

Rationing of toll free numbers could be avoided when the anticipated new toll free area codes are released. Insiders are speculating that there will be a shift in the telecommunications industry over the next 18 months as the expanded supply of good toll free numbers becomes available. The shortage has been a problem for many business owners in recent years and the time is now for the new numbers to be released.


Toll Free Rationing May No Longer Be Just a Thing of the Past

The stock of available toll free numbers is now so depleted that insiders say government agencies may implement another rationing of the 800, 888, 877, and 866 pre-fixes within months. Rumors of a rationing program have subscribers scrambling to obtain numbers, creating an even more limited supply.

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Chrysler Combats Image Concerns With Toll Free Hotline

In response to an announcement that more than 700 Chrysler car dealerships would close earlier this year, Chrysler announced a new toll free customer service phone number for Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicle owners. Anyone with concerns about service for their existing Chrysler vehicle or who needs information on purchasing a new car, can call 1-800-992-1997 for information.