DMV May Reinstate Their 800 Numbers

Reports are swirling this week after the DMV announced that they plan to discontinue the use of their long time toll free numbers, 1-800-DIAL-DMV and 1-800-CALL-DMV; insiders are now recieving reports that the DMV will most-likely reinstate the toll free numbers if the public expresses dissatisfaction toward the recent cost-saving decision.

Insiders at the DMV have stated that the decision has not faired well with the public thusfar which the DMV expected.  It is likely that the 800 numbers will not stay disconnected for long.

Even so, this may be a first strike against the governments use of 800 numbers to stay in contact with the public.


DMV Cuts Off Access to Their 800 Numbers

The North County Gazette reported to us today from ALBANY NY:

If you thought dealing with the state Department of Motor Vehicles was unpleasant before, now the agency has made it even most costly for you, eliminating the convenient statewide 1-800 telephone numbers used for contacting DMV call centers.

Although now you’ll have to pay for the call, DMV says it’s generously allowing the call centers will continue to remain open for the motoring public.

“While the DMV realizes that the elimination of the toll-free numbers may take some time to get accustomed to, recent trends in telecommunication plans have provided many people with unlimited long-distance calls and most of our county clerks partners continue to provide DMV local numbers for their constituents,” Commissioner Swarts said. “While eliminating the 1-800 numbers may be an unwelcome change for some, the cost savings to the State during these extremely difficult financial times are necessary.”

Although there is plenty of room in DMV operations for other cost-cutting measures such as increasing employee productivity and keeping them from surfing the Internet virtually constantly during their work hours, Swarts did not announce any other cost cutting moves.

On Monday, Feb. 2, the upstate toll-free telephone number for customers to contact the DMV Call Center was eliminated. Customers in the Upstate region, primarily all areas north and west of Dutchess, Sullivan, Ulster and parts of Delaware counties, who previously dialed 1-800-CALL-DMV must now dial 518-486-9786 to reach the DMV Call Center.

On Monday, Feb. 9, the downstate toll-free number will be changed to a toll number. Customers in the downstate region who previously dialed 1-800 DIAL-DMV must now dial 718-477-4820 to reach the DMV Call Center. The 1-800-DIAL-DMV toll-free number served customers in the following counties: Delaware, Dutchess, Nassau, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester.

When these changes are fully integrated, the numbers 1-800-CALL-DMV and 1-800-DIAL-DMV will no longer be in service. Customers who call one of the toll-free numbers after February 2nd or February 9th will receive a recorded message directing them to call the new toll number to reach the DMV Call Center for assistance.

It is important to note that the local numbers in New York City, 212-645-5550 and 718-966-6155, will not be changed and will remain in service.

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